• Site name - e.g 'my best site!', you can use anywhere <?=Inxy::name()?>
  • Description - e.g. 'my inxy site description' <?=Inxy::description()?>
  • Date format - e.g for thumbs, use MySQL format
  • INXY-feeds url - INXY-feeds full url (with http://)
  • Use cache
    • No - no cache
    • Data - cache only data
    • All - Cache all page. This cache level caches all including tradescripts counters. To avoid counter caching add counters using Inxy::virtual() - instead of virtual() and Inxy::includeDynamic() instead of include() . This call can be done once and must be added to layout as close to begin as possible. All output before will not be cached.
  • FHG templates - use for pic galleries. If checked all FHG will be shown at your site (/inxy/layouts/site/pic.php will be used)
  • SEO URLs - if checked all urls are SEO-friendly

Use redirects:

  • Enable - enable redirects for multiniche sites
  • Page to redirect - page for redirect, e.g. best, index
  • Use category name - if checked category name will be used for redirect
  • Default redirects url - redirect url for case if no redirects found


User name, password and allowed IP to access admin panel.

Thumbs rotation:

  • Daily amount - number of galleries published in 24H. Script choose gallery by taking into account paysite priorit and gallery date (new galleries first)
  • Rerank interval- number of page views between thumb reranks
  • Test limit - mimimal views for thumb test
  • Rerank formula - in left position 'Last CTR' position script sorts thumbs using реранка ctr for last rerank interval in right position 'Total CTR' clicks and views for all thumb life time
  • Categories rerank interval - number of page view in all categories to rerank categpries page
  • Rerank formula - like thumbs rerank formula but for categories


  • Category min - minimum galleris in category to make it visible in menus, pages etc
  • Tag min - minimum galleris with tag to make it visible in menus, pages etc