There are two ways to load data

  • using textarea
  • using file

Import fields

File format text with delimiters. List of allowed fields:

  • Gallery URL
  • Title
  • Description
  • Duration
  • Create date and time
  • Categories list (1..N items separated by subdelimiter)
  • Tags list (1..N items separated by subdelimiter)
  • Embed code
  • Url with paysite domain
  • Thumbs list (1..N items separated by subdelimiter)
  • .flv files or big size images (1..N items separated by subdelimiter)
  • Paysite. Paysite detected using domain or name and it must be added via content menu.

Import sequence:

  1. Load dump and set delimiter
  2. Click Import
  3. If form choose
    • type
    • stream
    • sponsor
    • paysite (omit if exists in dump)
    • category (omit if exists in dump)
    • convert tags
    • create categories
  4. Assing fileds to dump
  5. Click Import

You can check import results in log. If content does no appear in database after 2 minutes after import then check log to get reason

Import logic

  • Categories assign logic:
    1. assign categories set directly in import field
    2. add category selected in dropdown list
    3. if 'tags to categories' is checked then add tag names
    4. if no categories found using previous steps then assing paysite's categories
  • You can assing paysite for all dump or for each string of dump using dump fields (useful for adding whole sponsor galleries)
  • If 'overwrite galleries' checked then data in database will be rewritten or else gallery will be ignored
  • if 'create categoties' checked any new category found in dump will be automatically created or else category will be ignored
  • Note, if no tags in dump and you check both 'convert tags' and 'create categories' then tags will be created from title and description. In this case many inappropriate categories will be created so you can not use both checkboxes at the same time.