Use INXY-site redirects feature to increase productivity at multiniche site. This feature allows you to redirect visitor at relevant page depends on referer. You can redirect to any category page. E.g. you have multiniche site A and trade with multiniche site B. User opens domainB/category/Teens/ and clicks at site A in toplist.

  • If redirects at A disabled page domainA/ will be opened. In this case user have to find and click required Teen category.
  • If redirect at A enabled user will be aotomatically redirected to domainA/category/Teens/ In other work we automatically send all traffic from domain B Teens to domain A Teens.

General settings

General settings of redirects located in Settings/General menu

  • Enable - on/off redirecs
  • Page to redirect - template name for redirect. If you set index then user with Teen category will be redirected at урл
  • Use category name - use categories names in redirect rules (see redirect rules)
  • Default redirects url - url to redirect in case if no redirect found (leave blank if you do not need to redirect). Do not use index.html as redirect page because of loop.

Note: redirect works only if user was sent to main page of your site

Redirect rules

Each rules consist of key and category name. If key found in http referer visitor will be redirected to key's category. Because each referer (trader) has own names for niches we have tune redirect rules. Follow this steps to customize redirect rules for you site:

  1. Set redirect key for categories. Open Content/Categories click pencil near to category name and fill Add redirect keywords field. E.g. if category name is 'Shemales' you may add Tranny, Trans, T-Girls keys then all treffic from domainB/category/Tranny or domainB/category/Trans will be send to domainA/category/Shemales/
  2. Becase it difficult to create keys for many categories you can use Settings/General Use category name checkbox. If this option enabled then category name will used as redirect key. E.g all traffic from domainB/category/Shemales/ will be send to domainА/category/Shemales/
  3. Use Redirects/Capture to start capturing refererfs and keywords which was not redirected. E.g. Capture referers for - 180 (3 hours)
  4. After referers collected you can assign keys to categories.

Use 3 and 4 only for sites with traffic and active traders. Repeat it if new traders added

Use can move rules between sites using Redirect/Import and Redirects/Export

Open Content/Categories and check CTR/Last and CTR columns to estimate efficency of redirects.